Our team of volunteers are excited and ready to help you create enduring social impact in 3 key ways:

Consulting Projects

Based on your needs, we can put together a team of 5 students and 1 professional volunteer to help tackle your most pressing challenges:
1. Beneficiary Engagement
2. Donor Engagement
3. Volunteer Engagement
4. Outreach Strategy
5. General Strategic Planning

Data Analytics & 
Visualisation Projects (Pilot)

Piloting a new way of support, led by our trained student volunteers and professional volunteers from Tableau

We can put together a team to help make sense of your data for decision-making and to communicate your impact

Marketing & Communication Strategies (Pilot)

Piloting a new way to effectively communicate your value proposition, especially in a digital age.

We support you in identifying and leveraging key channels to engage your stakeholders, be it for donations, volunteers or to raise awareness for your cause.


that we support non-profits in

Beneficiary Engagement

Need new ideas on how to engage your beneficiaries in a meaningful way? We can come together to redesign beneficiary journeys, through understanding your beneficiaries’ changing needs, learning from best-in-class practices across the sector/the world, and co-creating what works best for your beneficiaries and your organization.

Donor Engagement

Need new ideas on how to grow your donor pool? We can help create donor engagement strategies for both corporate and individual donors, through defining your organisation’s unique value proposition, understanding donor psychology, and co-creating key enablers that would accelerate donor impact.

Financial Sustainability

Need new ideas on how you can build financial sustainability as a social enterprise? We can help review your business strategy by evaluating your “unfair advantage”, conducting market scans, analysing white spaces to play in, to design a sustainable business model for your social enterprise.

Volunteer Engagement

Need new ideas on how to attract new volunteers and empower existing ones? We can help create volunteer management strategies through understanding organisational needs as well as key volunteer preferences, to evaluate how we best leverage on volunteers.

Impact Management

Need new ideas on how to better align the impact data you’re collecting and your organisation’s goals? We can help you improve your organisation’s approach to impact management, through developing a framework tailored to your impact goals, and also look at how you can effectively communicate this with your stakeholders.