Founded in April 2020 to help Non-Profits tackle the challenges and capture new opportunities in light of COVID-19, we seek to strengthen Singapore’s social sector through future-proofing Non-Profits and creating enduring impact alongside them.


Thrive Social Consulting started as a ground-up initiative named COVID-19 Taskforce for Non-Profits, founded by a group of students and working professionals who have been actively involved in the social sector.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many Non-Profits found innovative ways to rapidly adapt and navigate the crisis to continue serving the community. Heartened by their efforts, we looked to complement their efforts through pro-bono consulting projects, to empower them to reimagine how they can continue to fulfil their mission. Beyond COVID-19, we seek to continue to help Non-Profits reimagine how they can continue to thrive as a resilient and future-ready Non-Profit.

Our dedicated team of volunteers work closely with Non-Profits on projects across beneficiary, donor and volunteer engagement to enhance and empower them to continue making a difference in our community.



We focus on insights

We focus on providing actionable, plug-and-play strategies that partners can start laying the foundations for once we complete the project.

We are outcome oriented

We work with our knowledge partners and leverage analytical tools such as Tableau to uncover real insights and what they mean for you.

We are agile

We place our partners’ needs at the forefront, and work around them.

We provide an independent perspective

We are open and transparent with our partners, and so are our partners with us.

We care about impact

We are not about the hype, we focus on what really matters.